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gut check saturday

General Russel Honore and Together Baton Rouge are launching a major house-gutting operation tomorrow called "Gut Check Saturday." The event is focused on creating two groups of people to sign up for and attend; 1) Flooded homeowners who need supplies and volunteers to help clear and gut their homes, and 2) Volunteers to do the clearing and gutting, run registration, etc. Homeowners will get a bucket of materials and will be paired with a group of volunteers to head out to work on their homes.

The event will be held tomorrow, Saturday, August 20th at 8:30 am at First United Methodist Church, 930 North Blvd. in Downtown Baton Rouge.

"It's real important that we get the house-gutting to scale right away. If flooded homes go another week without being gutted, the mold growth will add hundreds of millions in losses to homeowners, making the long-term recovery that much more difficult." - Gen. Russel Honore


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