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DDD Commission Endorses Bond Proposal for Nov. 14th Ballot /
Jindal Administration agrees to help resolve issues with Alive Project Property

In a special meeting that was held yesterday morning, the Downtown Development District's board of commissioners voted unanimously to endorse the $901-million dollar bond proposal and that it remain on the November 14th, 2009 ballot.

Van Mayhall Jr, the board's chairman, stated he supported the plan because the infrastructure improvements are needed. He also said Alive represents a long overdue chance for Baton Rouge to embrace the river.

"For all my life we've lived behind the levee," he said, noting an iconic attraction would raise Baton Rouge's profile nationally and continue the process of making downtown the cultural and social gathering spot for the city.

Mayhall also said the Alive attraction makes sense in simple business terms because of the construction and permanent jobs it would create and the economic development it would help spur.

In addition, the Jindal administration has agreed to try to resolve issues involving the Alive riverfront site stated Tim Barfield, Governor's Executive Counsel. Barfield said, "It's a very doable deal if we can just get all the parties together." He also mentioned that he doesn't see a need to rush to resolve the issues before the November election.

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Sources: The Advocate - 10.09.09 Business Section and Capitol News Bureau

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