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Next DDD Meeting TUES. SEPT 12, 2017 8 AM

Beginning this month, the Downtown Development District (DDD) will celebrate 30 years as an economic development agency for Downtown Baton Rouge. The journey in this transformation of our city center has been one in which all of us can take pride and ownership. Our passion for excellence in development through master planning, visioning, and implementation is something that continues. An unprecedented amount of development was catalyzed decades ago and carries on today with some $2.2 billion in development; increasing the demand to live, visit, and conduct business downtown.

Throughout this celebratory year we will be highlighting some of the major milestones that led Downtown Baton Rouge on the path we are on today. Through emails that tell the story of each accomplishment, we will feature the twelve milestones below, offering unique insight and details into the history and processes that made them possible.

• Creation of the DDD in 1987 and Early Master Planning Efforts
• State Government Consolidation
• Restoration of Downtown's Cultural Assets
• Stabilization of the Historic Neighborhoods
• Plan Baton Rouge
• Riverfront Development
• Shaw Center for the Arts
• Creation of the Arts and Entertainment District
• Plan Baton Rouge II
• Development of North Boulevard Town Square and the Central Green
• Rise of Downtown Residential and Essential Services
• DDD Boundary Expansion and Looking Forward

This 30-year journey is only possible with support from the thousands of people who live, work, and play downtown every day. We look forward to continuing our commitment of excellence to the City-Parish of East Baton Rouge community!

On behalf of the DDD Commission and staff, we thank you for the support! Watch for a multitude of new development openings and public events as we celebrate this milestone year!

Davis S. Rhorer

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