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Proposed new River Center Library (Option 3) Trahan Architects

River Center Library Update

On October 15th, 2009, the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Board of Control released the public comments regarding Trahan Architects' River Center Library Feasibility Study. The public comment period was held between the dates of August 20th, 2009 and October 9th, 2009. The study recommended three options for the River Center Library: renovate the existing facility, expand the existing facility or replace the existing facility with a new one. The Board used these three options as the parameters to sort and tally the comments.

The Board received 124 comments regarding the River Center Library. Fifty-six percent (56%) of the comments were in favor of replacing the River Center Library with a new facility and twenty-one percent (21%) were in favor of renovating the existing facility. The remaining twenty-three percent (23%) were either in opposition to or neutral to doing anything to the current facility.

Interior image of proposed River Center Library- Trahan Architects

In summary, an astonishing seventy-seven percent (77%) of the comments submitted were in favor of major improvements to the River Center Library. Please visit to view Trahan Architects' River Center Library Feasibility Study presentation. The public comments are available at the River Center Library located at 120 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to review. The Library Board will soon be discussing the future plans of this important cultural facility and the public's continued input and involvement will be critical to its' success. Also important, the facility is sited directly on the new Town Square. Construction is scheduled to begin this winter on the Square.

Home to the historic Baton Rouge Room and the Career Center, the River Center Library offers an extensive collection of books, DVD's, CD's and books on tape to check out. The library also provides computers to access the internet and a meeting room. The facility will soon offer free wi-fi access. To get your FREE library card and utilize this important cultural facility, visit the River Center Library at the corner of North Boulevard and St. Louis Street. For more information please visit
or call (225)389-4967.

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