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Downtown's Mentorship Academy opening soon
Technology based schools now enrolling ninth graders

The Mentorship Academies are two project-based, tuition-free schools located Downtown. One school focuses on Science and Technology (MAST) and one on Digital Arts and Media (MADA).

The schools will bring over 250 students into the Downtown area daily, increasing commerce and utilizing our public spaces such as North Boulevard Town Square for outdoor learning experiences and recreation. In addition to the increase in foot presence on Downtown's streets that the schools will bring, the Downtown high schools bring a younger generation downtown that will potentially grow to except downtown as their home for years to come.

The Schools are open-enrollment, lottery-based admissions. This means that they are open to all students eligible for the ninth grade, despite previous academic achievement or difficulties.

Each student receives a laptop computer which enables them to participate in technology infused collaborative projects. The school year is "extended", beginning on July 12, and the school day starts at 9:30AM and ends at 4:30PM. Each student receives an individualized learning plan and participates in internships and job-shadowing.

The mission of the Mentorship Academy is to develop young adults who learn continuously as our economies and communities change. This is accomplished through mentoring relationships with industry professionals, project-based learning, cross-curricular teaching, and technology integration.

The Mentorship Academies are now enrolling 9th grade students for the 2010-2011 school year and are open to all regional students. Enrollment in MAST and MADA is simple, just visit their website to print and fill out the enrollment form or call 225-590-5623.

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