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Downtown Library Discussion underway
Public discussion begins today in the Metro-Council Chambers

A critical project is being considered by the Metro-Council over the course of the next few weeks. The Downtown Development District supports the EBR Library Board of Control and Mayor-President Melvin "Kip" Holden's proposed 2011 budget that calls for a new library in the Downtown area. There has been much work done on the feasibility of what is needed in the Downtown area, and public surveys and comments have consistently called for a new building to be constructed.

The Metro Council is currently receiving feedback on this issue and an open public comment period begins today from 3:00 -7:00PM in the Metro Council Chambers at 222 St. Louis - 3rd floor. The Metro Council will also be reviewing other City-Parish budget items during the session. Public comment will potentially continue on Thursday at 4:00PM in the Metro-Council Chambers if all speakers are not heard today.

The Metro-Council will vote on the proposed 2011 Budget on December 8, at 4PM in the Metro-Council Chambers. The Council is seeking feedback on the budget and you are encouraged to contact the Council with your opinion and attend these very important events. Attached is supporting documentation with statistics on the Downtown area.

Downtown Library Statistics

Contact the Metro-Council

In previous budgets, the Library Board of Control dedicated $40 million+ for the new main library on Goodwood Boulevard. The existing library will be torn down and new construction begins in 2011. Also, $6 million for a new neighborhood Library at Fairwood, and $6 million for a new neighborhood library at Rouzan will be underway in 2011. The 2011 Budget, adopted by the Library Board, proposes $19 million for a new super-regional River Center Library which services the Downtown area.

The River Center Library has a dynamic user set with daily visibility to over 23,000 workers, 4,100 residents, and over 140,000 individuals conducting business with Downtown's financial, governmental, private, public, and recreational sector markets. The River Center Library is also in close proximity to numerous early learning facilities, elementary schools, and high schools.

We encourage you to get involved in this very important project; sited where our cultural and civic attractions come together at North Boulevard Town Square.

Thanks again for your support in this very critical issue for Downtown,

Downtown Development District

For more information on the Downtown Development District, visit our website.

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