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March 23, 2012
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DDD Reiterates Support for CATS Transit Proposal

BATON ROUGE, LA- Downtown Development District (DDD) Executive Director Davis Rhorer issued a statement today reiterating the DDD's support for the proposed tax measure that could dramatically improve public transit services downtown and throughout Baton Rouge, Baker and Zachary.

"Over the years, the DDD has consistently supported the development of a variety of transportation options for downtown visitors, workers and residents because we know multi-modal transportation is absolutely critical to the city and downtown's long-term economic prosperity and sustainability," Rhorer said. "That's why we are supporting the current measure to provide a dedicated source of long-term funding for the Capital Area Transit System (CATS)."

"If approved, this measure would dramatically improve public transportation services throughout downtown, Baton Rouge and beyond by increasing routes, decreasing wait times and making bus transit much more attractive to everyone," Rhorer continued. "With the creation of five new express routes from all over the city directly to downtown, the new system will also help to alleviate traffic congestion and allow more citizens to experience and enjoy all that downtown has to offer."

The DDD commission voted unanimously to support the tax referendum at its February meeting. Many other local organizations have come out in support of this initiative as well.

On April 21, voters within the city limits of Baton Rouge, Baker and Zachary will vote on the measure in a municipal tax election. If approved, the 10-year, 10.6-mill property tax would generate roughly $18 million that would be dedicated to public transportation.


Over the last decade, the Downtown Development District has worked diligently to expand transportation options for those visiting, working and living in the heart of the city.

Currently, a total of seven public transportation routes service Downtown including four regular Capitol Area Transit routes, the Capitol Park Trolley, and two LSU Tiger Trail Routes, the Downtown/LSU Vet School Route and LSU Night Route B.

In addition, the city recently completed implementation of the Downtown Baton Rouge Wayfinding Signage Project. More than "just" signs, this innovative navigational system captures the essence of Baton Rouge's character and history, while performing the critical function of helping people find their way. Through a series of thirty-four individually-designed interpretative panels, the Project tells a story about the distinct culture of our region, blending color and architectural patterns with local heritage. In addition to the interpretative panels, design components and artistic patterns are also featured on a family of signs, which include vehicular and pedestrian elements that make Downtown attractions easy to locate whether visitors are traveling by foot, car or trolley.

The new North Boulevard Town Square also provides for a variety of transportation choices. Pedestrian friendly elements such as detectable warning pavers at every intersection and smooth, curb-less environments make it safe and easy for the elderly, disabled, very young, and large crowds to move throughout the area. While parking spaces have been preserved, numerous streets have been rerouted to reduce traffic flow from two lanes to one. Bike racks have also been added throughout, making it easier to navigate the area on bike or foot. In addition, the Town Square serves as a transit hub for Downtown Baton Rouge. Live transit information on the media Beacon makes it easy for pedestrians to navigate when buses will be arriving and leaving, while the area provides a variety of activities to entertain visitors while they wait.

Since its inception in 1987, the Downtown Development District has been passionate in its work to initiate, incubate and support partnerships that develop and enhance Downtown Baton Rouge. Because of these efforts and the support of many others in the public, private and non-profit sectors, Louisiana's Capitol City is transforming into a thriving 24-hour community where people come from all over the world to live, work, and play.


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