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Remembering the Baton Rouge Bus Boycott
"Signpost to Freedom" viewing at North Boulevard Town Square

In 1953, led by a handful of determined young men and women, the African American citizens of Baton Rouge participated in a quiet revolt. Nearly three years before the famous bus boycott captured national attention and paralyzed the city of Montgomery, the African American citizens of Baton Rouge organized the nation's first large-scale boycott challenging segregation.

In remembrance of the 60th Anniversary, the North Boulevard Town Square Beacon will air the one hour documentary, "Signpost to Freedom", that recounts the circumstances and events that led to the nation's first large-scale boycott. Recently aired on LPB, this documentary has won several awards for its excellence. Come out and enjoy the FREE public viewings of this significant documentary.

Viewing times:
Tuesday, February 26th at 12PM
Wednesday, February 27th at 6PM
Thursday, February 28th at 12PM and 6PM

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